Apex Legends will present its second season in June

Electronic Arts continues to bet heavily on Apex Legends, The Battle Royale free-to-play title run by Respwan Entertainment. And it seems that we won’t have to wait long to know what its next contents are.

As EA has indicated at his recent financial meeting, the second season of Apex Legends will also be present at the E3 2019 session and will be presented on June 7, during the EA Play.

More content for Apex Legends

More content for Apex Legends

“Now, we’re very focused on delivering to this community a global mass-a service in live long-term, which includes new seasons and a Battle Pass, more solid, along with new legends and evolutions exciting in the game environment”, were the words of Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts.

On the other hand, EA advanced that the second season of the game will begin in late June or early July. For now, we’ll have to wait for the company to share more details about what’s ahead of us with this new Battle Royale.

Apex Legends is available for free on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One. “The game of EA and Respawn has been convincing players in such a way that it is even facing the great men of the genre and threatening their throne,” we wrote in our analysis that you can read here.

Respawn has already expelled more than 770,000

Respawn has already expelled more than 770,000

Since the release of Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment has fought the game’s cheats. In March, the number of people expelled for this reason exceeded half a million, and now exceeds 770,000 users.

Respawn has used its own anti-trucos system and also works closely with other departments of Electronic Arts. In the last 20 days 4,000 accounts selling tricks have been ejected, while in Origin more than 300,000 accounts already using the traps were ejected.

The developer has avoided giving details of the methods used to detect these users who use advantages, but they want to make sure the community knows that updates are being made-and will continue to do so in the future – dedicated to locating these users.

“We take the traps at Apex Legends very seriously and have many resources to tackle them from various angles. It is a constant war with the creators of traps and we will continue to fight.”